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She Is The Ocean

She Is The Ocean

SurfAid (a charity close to my heart) has proudly partnered with Garage Entertainment for the premiere of She Is The Ocean - a full-length documentary film that takes an in depth exploration into the lives of nine astonishing women from the four corners of the globe who share one thing in common: a profound love for the sea. A love so profound that they have chosen to make the ocean the centre of their physical, philosophical and professional lives.

On Thursday 12 November 2020, SurfAid will host three special screenings of this incredible feature film, directed by Inna Blokhina. You will be able to catch the screening in Sydney Australia, Gisborne, New Zealand and for anyone at home online (that will be me!). A portion of all ticket sales from each screening will go directly to SurfAid, supporting life-changing programs that provide healthcare, clean water and food security for people in remote communities connected to us through surfing.

Each event will also feature a live Q&A panel with special guests including:
  • Director Inna Blokhina
  • SurfAid CEO Doug Lees
  • SurfAid Founder Dr Dave Jenkins
  • Big wave surfer Andrea Moller 
  • Plus many more!
“We are incredibly honoured and excited to be hosting the special screenings of She Is The Ocean. Founded on a shared love of the sea and the communities connected by it, here at SurfAid and we are so proud to support a film that reminds us of this deep connection felt by so many.”
- Doug Lees, SurfAid CEO

9 Ocean Heroes:

A unique documentary concept, She Is the Ocean Director Inna Blokhina has selected the nine women to create a portrait of what could be a metaphor for one woman’s ocean life through all her ages. Starting with three women who love the thrill of ocean sports, to a famed scientist who plunges into the deepest depths on the edge of human survival, to a cliff diver who is hailed as ‘the bravest woman in Germany.’ She Is the Ocean captures the common thread that bonds them together. 
  • Cinta Hansel – Balinese girl working on realising her dream to surf Pipeline
  • Coco Ho – Pro Hawaiian surfer and daughter to Pro surfer Michael Ho
  • Keala Kennelly – Pro surfer and winner of the WSL “Barrel of the year 2016”
  • Andrea Moller – Big wave surfer and winner of WSL “Women best performance 2016”
  • Anna Bader – German high diver and 7-time European Champion in cliff diving
  • Rose Molina – Free-diver and ballet dancer
  • Ocean Ramsey – Shark conservationist and free diver from Hawaii
  • Jeannie Chesser – Surfing icon and mother of the late legendary surfer Todd Chester
  • Sylvia Earle – Marine biologist, explorer and the first female chief scientist of the U.S.

Screening Times and Locations:

Virtual Screening
Date: Thursday 12 November 2020, 6pm AEDT
Location: Online
Live Q&A: SurfAid CEO Doug Lees and virtual guests director Inna Blokhina and big wave surfing legends Kealla Kelleny and Andrea Moller.
Click here for tickets.

Sydney, Australia
When: Thursday 12 November 2020, 6pm
Location: The Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace, Cremorne, NSW
Live Q&A: SurfAid CEO Doug Lees and virtual guests director Inna Blokhina and big wave surfing legends Kealla Kelleny and Andrea Moller.
Click here for Orpheum tickets.

Gisborne, New Zealand
When: Thursday 12 November 2020, 7pm
Location: NZDT
Live Q&A: Hosted by SurfAid with special guests with SurfAid Founder Dr. Dave Jenkins and professional surfer Ricardo Christie.
Contact the Dome for tickets.