Review: Jessica Dewar Yoga, Hawthorn East

Jessica Dewar Yoga in Hawthorn East runs on a pretty unique system to many other studios in Melbourne. You pay as much as you feel the class was worth, or how much you can afford. It is the first in Melbourne to offer 100% donation based classes. By doing this, Jessica Dewar hopes to make yoga accessible to every budget and skill level and run a sustainable business in the process.

After walking and driving past the studio several times over the past few months curiosity got the better of me (and so did my stiff body) that I signed to attend the Saturday morning 9:30 am Vinyasa Flow class with Nat.

I've practised yoga on and off for over 10 years and I find that I really enjoy classes that include Vinyasa Flow. Mainly because the movement is like that of surfing, you practice balance, and that I get a great stretch through my shoulders and back. At Jessica Dewar Yoga they offer a range of styles from Yin to Kids, Seniors to Hatha. There is also a four-week beginner's program …

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