Top 3 Hair Masks Of 2019

Our hair withstands a lot; styling, colouring and being blasted by the elements. All of which makes an impact on the health of our strands. For me, personally years of being active and taking part in water sports saltwater, chlorine and sweat haven't been kind to my hair. Split ends, breakage and dryness are just some of the issues I face as a result of my lifestyle. It's no wonder hair can end up frizzy, dull, and dry. 
Just as we use face masks to treat our skin to some much needed TLC, it's essential to take the same approach to our hair. Although there are some pretty impressive conditioners out on the market, you might find that a hydrating hair mask is what your hair needs. Why a mask over your conditioner? A mask treats your hair with more of the active ingredients that your hair needs. 
There is a hair mask for you out there, no matter what your hair type or your hair concerns! Below I've reviewed 3 of my favourite hair masks from 2019.

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