Mindful Spending With A Want List

I recently took a long hard look at my spending habits. At the same time, I took a long hard look at the amount of stuff I own and have in my possession. It dawned on me that for one person that is half of a couple that live together that I had more than enough stuff, if not too much stuff. I also felt that I was spending way more money than what I should be.

It was then that I decided that for the remainder of the month if there was something I wanted to purchase I would write it down on a list of things I wanted and when the new month ticked over if I still needed it or wanted it I would then buy it. When it came to going through the list, there were a few items on the list that I had decided that I no longer needed, or realised that I had something similar already. In particular, I was going to buy an eyebrow brush to replace one that broke, turns out an old mascara wand works just as well and saves me around $10.

I should add that the list didn't include groceries or anything…

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