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Things To Do: We All Want Something Beautiful, Josh Lord at Compendium Gallery

Things To Do:  We All Want Something Beautiful, Josh Lord at Compendium Gallery

Australian artist Josh Lord is known for his contemporary artworks that blend abstract and recognisable elements, drawing inspiration from Cubism. His exhibition, "We All Want Something Beautiful," showcases his unique style characterized by layers and fractured compositions, creating a gritty yet captivating look. Lord's art is an exploration of form, colour, and deconstruction, inviting viewers to explore its depth.

Considered a leading figure in Australian contemporary art, Lord pushes boundaries with his attention to detail and skilful use of different materials. His art encourages viewers to think about how Australian culture has evolved over time. Combining modern principles with a sense of chaos, Lord's work invites viewers to look beyond the surface and consider the interplay between tradition and modernity.

Collaborating with musician Ash Wednesday for the exhibition's opening night, Lord's career has evolved from punk rock roots to creating works for The City of Melbourne. His journey showcases his diverse artistic experiences and innovative approach to creating art.

So, head down to Compendium Gallery and see for yourself what resonates with you.

We All Want Something Beautiful, Josh Lord:

Where: Compendium Gallery, 909A High St, Armadale, VIC 3143
When: 23 February - 9 March 2024