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First 7 Nights Of Sleeping On A Silk Pillowcase

Go-To Face Case Silk Pillowcase

Is it true that sleeping on a silk pillowcase has beauty benefits? Are they the anti ageing miracle products that influencers claim them to be? Do they genuinely prevent wrinkles?

I was a sceptic while also wanting to believe the articles and social media posts I had seen online. For over six months, I had been trying to justify the spend on a silk pillowcase and wondering whether it was worth it.

I was scouring blogs and websites for the best advice on which one to get. I found that pricing varied from $25 (on eBay) to well over $100. Where was I to start?

One night while scrolling through reviews of silk pillowcases, I spotted the Go-To Face Case at an affordable and reasonable $65.

Go-To is known for their no-fuss skincare range, they are an Australian company, and I thought who better to trust. The following day, I jumped onto the MECCA online store and made my purchase. The next 24 hours were interesting, with thoughts around whether I had made the right decision, it was $65 for one pillowcase.

A few days later, my parcel from MECCA arrived, and that night was the first night I had slept on a silk pillowcase. 

Night 1 - It was an interesting first-night sleep.

I went to bed with freshly washed hair. I was wondering how my wavy and somewhat curly hair would look like after the first night of sleeping on a silk pillowcase. I woke up the following morning, expecting my the usual fluffy, knotty mess I've become accustomed too.

I was pleasantly surprised. My curls had formed loose casual ringlets; all I had to do was run my fingers through my hair to comb them into place.

Night 2 - It feels so soft and luxurious. 

I'm still getting used to the silky and luxurious feeling of the silk pillowcase. It feels strange to be sleeping on a different texture to the cotton pillowcases I generally sleep on. Throughout the first two nights, I've been tossing and readjusting, which has been interrupting my sleep. However, I have noticed how cool the silk fabric is to sleep on, and I'm not getting as hot and sweaty during the night. 

Night 3 - Didn't sleep well, the bonus is I didn't look like it.

I woke up at 1:30 am and couldn't get back to sleep until around 5, I tossed, and I turned. I woke up at around 7:15 am, feeling pretty tired and half awake I saw myself in the bathroom mirror. I was surprised at how good my hair looked and that there were very few signs of a lack of sleep on my face, given I hadn't slept well at all.

Night 4 - 10 hours of beauty sleep.

I had the most fantastic sleep last night, according to my Garmin watch I got 10 hours of sleep. I did wash my hair before going to bed after not washing it for three nights. I typically tend to go only two nights of sleep between washing it, as my roots get pretty oily. I'm impressed that I could go for three nights of sleep with no issues. 

Night 5 - The magic of silk pillow cases.

Already five nights in and I'm converted, I'm considering purchasing another pillowcase to be able to put them on rotation. I'm starting to realise my cotton pillowcases were a major culprit behind my bad hair days. I would typically blame the amount of exposure to the elements, salt and chlorine for my dry and unruly hair. Since switching to a silk pillowcase my hair doesn't seem to be as dry.

Night 6 - Hypoallergenic means not feeling so stuffy and puffy.

I'm noticing that when I wake up of a morning, I'm feeling less congested and look less puffy in the face than usual. I'm putting this down to the fact that because the silk case is 100 percent Mulberry silk, the silk fibers are naturally Hypoallergenic (less likely to trigger allergies). 

Night 7 - Noticing a difference with my skin and hair.

I washed my hair before going to bed, and again I had three nights of sleep instead of my regular one or two before needing to wash my hair. Changing from a cotton pillowcase to a silk pillowcase has made such a big difference to my hair. I'm also noticing that the fine lines and wrinkles on my face are not as prominent as there were a week ago.

After sleeping on my Go-To Face Case silk pillow case for a week, it's time to wash it. Using the hand and wash cycle at 30 degrees and then lying it flat to dry was incredibly easy. I also went one step further and popped the silk pillowcase into a delicates wash bag before putting it into the washing machine. It will be ready for another seven days of being a crucial part of my beauty routine.

Do silk pillowcases really make a difference? Bottom line, yes.

Over the seven nights I have personally seen how silk pillowcases can improve the skin through hydration and prevent/reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Also I've noticed my hair seems to be more hydrated, smoother and frizz-free. Just don't expect magical results and be wary of unrealistic claims.

Have you switched to sleeping on a silk pillowcase? What are your thoughts?