First 7 Nights Of Sleeping On A Silk Pillowcase

Is it true that sleeping on a silk pillowcase has beauty benefits? Are they the anti ageing miracle products that influencers claim them to be? Do they genuinely prevent wrinkles?

I was a sceptic while also wanting to believe the articles and social media posts I had seen online. For over six months, I had been trying to justify the spend on a silk pillowcase and wondering whether it was worth it.

I was scouring blogs and websites for the best advice on which one to get. I found that pricing varied from $25 (on eBay) to well over $100. Where was I to start?

One night while scrolling through reviews of silk pillowcases, I spotted the Go-To Face Case at an affordable and reasonable $65.

Go-To is known for their no-fuss skincare range, they are an Australian company, and I thought who better to trust. The following day, I jumped onto the MECCA online store and made my purchase. The next 24 hours were interesting, with thoughts around whether I had made the right decision, it was $65 for o…

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