The countdown is on until one of my favourite film festivals - the AllianceFrançaise French Film Festival!

Running across 7 cities and 2 satellite locations from late February to early April 2018, the Festival, which screens at Palace Cinemas throughout Australia, is proudly presented by the Alliance Française in association with the Embassy of France in Australia, Unifrance Films and the gracious support of esteemed Presenting Sponsor, Renault Australia.

Once again, this beloved, yet very avant-garde ‘grande dame’ will delight with a superb line-up of contemporary French cinema. For his second year at the helm, Artistic Director, Philippe Platel, has selected over 50 features and documentaries – many of which will be Australian premières. The 2018 programme reflects the overall sense of positivity infusing many recent French titles, incorporating messages of courage, generosity, camaraderie and equality.

I had the pleasure of seeing See You Up There, it captured everything that I love about french cinema, the story, the detail, the depth and the dark sense of humor. The film is a story of two friends who meet during their time at war and take on a journey where they both support and help each other grow in a most poetic way.

National dates and venues for the 2018 Alliance Française French Film Festival are:

The perfect Valentine’s gift! Bellabox’s Limited Edition Couples Box is here and it's chock full of amazing goodies. It's no secret that my other half Mark and I love to do facials together and don't mind the odd massage too. This box has a little something of everything from hand cream to lipstick, sheet masks to bodywash and everything in between. 

Dusty Girls Makeup Earth Cream Tinted Moisturiser in Medium (50ml RRP $20.00, Available at
I'm in love with this product. I've worn it to the gym, at work at the gym and out and about and I've been  really liking the buildable coverage and hydration that the product offers. You don't need to use much either, which means it doesn't feel heavy or thick.

Molton Brown Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel and Rosa Absolute Bath and Shower Gel (300ml RRP $39.00, Available at
I'll be honest I personally prefer masculine scents, so I might have to fight Mark for the Sea Fennel one to put in my gym bag. Both smell lovely and have a luxury feel to them, whilst helping you scrub up nicely.

Intense Formulas Facial Sheet Mask Treatment (3 Sheet Masks RRP $24.00, Available at
Mark and I tried tried this 100% natural, luxurious facial mask designed to leave your skin soothed, clean and hydrated, and guess what? Other than us looking hilarious with them on, they did leave our skin feeling and looking amazing.

Bic Australia Premium Bic Flex 5 Men's Disposable Razor (2 Packs RRP $6.50, Available at Coles and Woolworths)
I've not yet tried this razor and neither has Mark. What I do like about recieving the razor in the box is that it's really for anyone who has shaving needs. Who doesn't need a good razor on hand? 

Soul Organics Company Serenity Bath Salts (350g RRP $15.95, Available at
This is something I wish I could review for you, however we don't have a bath. If unlike me you do have a bath this would certainly be perfect to treat yourself to a deeply relaxing soak. The bath salts are enriched with a beautiful hand blend of Epsom and pink Himalayan salts - perfect for relaxing. 

Penelope Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick (3.2g RRP $19.95, Available at
15% of the earnings from Penelope Cosmetics are donated to Les Powell, helping children with disabilities get through everyday with ease! Matte Liquid Lipsticks are a great to add a bit of subtle colour to your lips or for making them bold and stand out.

Sweet Mickie Ginger Heart 'Be Mine' Cookie (65g RRP $4.50, Available at
I love cookies and love ginger, so it's safe to say I found it hard to resist eating this delicious golden ginger cookie. Sweet Mickie do make possibly the best cookies I've ever had. 

Summer Land Camels Soothing Hand Cream (50ml RRP $27.00, Available at
This hand cream is designed to deeply hydrate and restore your hands with the healing properties of camel milk, blended with soothing botanicals.The product received in the limited edition couples box is perfect for throwing in your handbag or gym bag to give your hands some TLC on the go. 

Smile Makers Generous Gel  (30ml RRP $19.95, Available at Priceline and
A personal lubricant for the more sensitive body parts, plus they threw in a tee!

Skor the Sampler Skor (4 Piece Sampler Set RRP $8.95, Available at
Designed for the Australian man, and for the Australian man on-the-go, there are 4 hero products in a convenient travel pack. The Sampler includes an All-In-One Hydrating Lotion, Stop The Chafe Sports Balm, The All Rounder Hair & Body Wash and Clean Up Exfoliating Cleaner - everything you could possibly need for a weekend getaway, or to have on gym after a sweaty workout in the gym. Again male or female I think you'll love this product. I'll be honest I've been eyeing it off. 

Birka Cappuccino Massage Oil Candle (50ml RRP $20.00, Available at
Coffee and massage in one, yes please! This is a relaxing massage oil candle that will leave you in a state of pure bliss! Once lit, this soy-based candle is designed to slowly melt, turning the wax into warm massage oil that can be safely poured into your hands, or straight onto your body, for a sensual and relaxing massage experience.

Sukin for Men Facial Moisturiser (225ml RRP $10.99, Available at Chemist Warehouse)
In the box was a full size Sukin For Men’s Facial Moisturiser, I think though even if you're a women that you too could get away with using this as part of your morning ritual. Formulated with sesame seed, coconut, jojoba oils and aloe vera, your skin will be expertly hydrated and smelling of refreshing citrus and cinnamon.

To sum up what I think of this limited edition box in five words "time to get loved up".

For further information about the contents of the Limited Edition Couples Box from Bellabox visit the Bellabox Website.

This is a sponsored post, I received either product and/or payment in exchange for this post. 

Following on from my review of the December Festive and Fabulous Bellabox, I've a review of their January All About New Box. This month's Bellabox contains a gorgeous mix of makeup, skincare, and body products, perfect for kicking off 2018 with and for treating your skin and body after the festive season. 

Karen Murrell Lipstick and voucher - Full Size (RRP: $30.00)  
Karen Murrell, a New Zealand based company, creates all of their lipsticks as natural as possible while still maintaining glamour and long-lasting staying power. Their lipsticks are quite possibly just as delicious as they are beautiful with nourishing natural ingredients, including avocado oil, carnauba wax, cinnamon and sweet orange. I found the lipstick in Violet Mousse to be creamy and long-lasting with an easy-glide finish, and natural looking colour. You we also receive a voucher to purchase another lipstick from Priceline.

Blaq Meteor Shower Scrub 50g (200g: RRP $24.95) 
I'm an absolute sucker for a great scrub, and this one is no exception. This  iridescent shower scrub is formulated from actual meteors from outer space. It is a blend of ingredient-activated charcoal and fragments of meteor, to provide you with a gentle exfoliation and glow. Each pack even comes with its own unique code so you can check out where and when your space dust came from, mine came from a meteor that landed in 1947 in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains, Maritime Province, Russia - how exciting! The sample size you receive in this months Bellabox is generous in size.

Swisse Blood Orange Brightening Facial Serum Sample Size (30ml RRP $29.99)
I've had some hit and miss experiences with serums, this one is a hit! The Swisse Blood Orange Brightening Facial Serum combines potent antioxidants to brighten the skin’s appearance and help protect against the signs of ageing. It will even skin tone, balance the appearance of hyperpigmentation. When you're like me and have spent your fair share of time in the elements, this is a must have, or at the very least try.

Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals Face Sheet Mask 30g (30g RRP $4.95)
With natural active ingredients, and zero sulphates, parabens or harsh preservatives, Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals Sheet Masks are the easy way to achieve smooth and hydrated skin. The natural Japanese silk facial mask is easy to apply straight from the sachet, and after 15-20 minutes is then removed and discarded. 

1000 Hour Instant Brows 1.4g (1.4g RRP $9.99)
1000 Hour Instant Brows is a brush-on brow mascara. Being blonde the clear (which I received) isn't really suitable for me, as I still need to use colour to fill in my brows. The brow mascara does however provide a light gel base that tames and sets your brows for the perfect shape.


Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Moisturiser, 2 Sachet Samples
I'm a big fan of sachet samples that are single use, they are perfect for throwing into the gym bag. This non-greasy body lotion is great to use after a post workout shower, as it is non-greasy and hydrates and replenishes the skin. The nourishing blend of Rose and Macadamia Oil feels luxurious too. 

To sum up what I think of this months box in five words "new products that compliment you". I wonder what they in store for us in February?

I've also been given a Bellabox to giveaway, visit for all the details. 

Bellabox - RRP: $17.95 ($15.00+ $2.95 P&H) on a subscription plan, billed monthly, but you can cancel anytime. For $5 off your first women's monthly box subscription use the promo code “NICTATT”. 

For further information about the contents of the January 2018 Bellabox visit the Bellabox Blog.

This is a sponsored post, I received either product and/or payment in exchange for this post. 

For the past few years I've had most of my artwork stored away inside a cupboard. Near the end of last year I had the idea to offer for auction on eBay a piece a day during the months of January. Something somewhat of a new year resolution, or goal as I like to refer to it as.

I'm happy to report that I've done well so far. I've been successful in meeting this goal on a daily basis with listing an artwork or illustration with a starting price of $15. 

I have also been sharing daily each piece on my Instagram account, Facebook Page and Twitter account.  

The artworks being listed for auction range from photography through to sculptural, stencil art through to  illustrative.

If you're interested in seeing which pieces are currently up for auction make sure you visit my eBay account

Instagram has rolled out some major changes in the past month, including the ability for users to follow hashtags. I can already see from the small play around I have had with it both as someone looking for inspiration, as an influencer, and as a brand, that this new feature will have a positive impact on the way we use Instagram

Like me at first, you are possibly thinking "how is this different to the explore feature?" The explore feature uses an algorithm that brings to the surface content based on the your interests and past behaviors, along with "viral posts".
The new hashtag follow feature puts you in greater control of the content you see as you are pin pointing your interests. It gives you the ability to also refine categories within a hashtag by selecting in the image menu "Don't Show for This Hashtag" for images you don't think a relevant to that hashtag. It helps Instagram to learn what you’re really looking for with the hashtag and is particularly useful for hashtags that may have more than one meaning or have been hijacked for another meaning.
One thing I'm absolutely loving about this feature is that when you visit the page of a hashtag you like, you can also find related hashtags to follow or delve into.

So how will this help influencers, brands and the general user?

For influencers
  • One of the most important things to be gained is that it can be leveraged as a networking tool. You will be able to discover who is interested in the same products, places, activities, and brands as you. 
  • It gives you another way in which to be more visible to brands you might like to work with. Just find out their hashtag and be sure to use it as they should be following their own hashtag. 
  • When you’re on a project, it will be easy to find out who else is working on the product through following the hashtag.

For brands
  • Find out what is being said about a brand and by whom. 
  • Discover what hashtags are commonly followed by people who post about your brand or a competitor's brand. 
  • Locate which users are creating great content that is relevant to the brad who you may wish to collaborate with. 

For the general user
  • Discover who is creating the best content in relation to your interests.
  • Keep up-to-date about what’s going on in regards to your favourite products, places, activities, and brands.
  • It opens up a whole new world of possible connections. 

Feel free to follow me on Instagram at

Gabby Newton is one to watch. I've personally had the pleasure of watching this young lady play basketball for a season. Both on and off the court she is a great example of all the things a young athlete should embody. I will not be surprised if we see her in the AFLW or WNBL in the coming years. 

Gabby was nominated for the Young Female Athlete Season Pack for Spring 2017 and I'm excited to share with you a quick little Q&A I did with this talented and friendly young athlete.  

What do you do to be active? 
To be active I play both basketball and football and I also do strength and conditioning to keep my fitness up. 

What does a regular training day look like for you? 
A regular training day (oh god) it can either be just one training in the morning for basketball then some strength and conditioning in the afternoon or a couple hours training for football then 1-3 hours of training for basketball.

What's your favourite recovery food? 
My favourite recovery food is definitely a Chobani yoghurt.

What's your favourite song to work out to? 
"Believer" by Imagine Dragons.

What's been your biggest sporting achievement to date? 
My biggest sporting achievement to date is winning a gold medal at Nationals in both basketball and football.

What advice would you give someone wanting to start out in your sport(s)? 
My advice to someone wanting to start out in basketball and football is to just give it a go and find/make new friends, being apart of a team is a different feeling then any individual sport, no matter what level you play at you feel part of a family which can be an amazing part of anyone’s life.

What do aim to achieve in 2018? 
In 2018 I hope to take every opportunity I can in both sports, for basketball and football there are state teams that I definitely hope to make this year. I also hope my rep/club teams can go into finals and do our best in the upcoming seasons.

Carly 'Smiley' Formosa only recently joined her local women's inaugural football team. She has been described by fellow teammate Lana Van Berlo  as "Not only a supportive and encouraging teammate who plays a tough game giving it her all very week on the field but off field she is kind, caring and thoughtful . She goes straight from our football to watch her sister play local netball and is always giving of her time to the younger girls within our club who are there with their mums at training and game day."

Carly was nominated for the Young Female Athlete Season Pack for Spring 2017 and I'm excited to share with you a quick little Q&A I did with this caring young athlete.  

What do you do to be active? 
During winter I play football and netball. I train for footy twice a week and play once a week. For netball I train twice a week as well and play once a week and I also fit in a gym sessions whenever I can. 

What does a regular training day look like for you? 
For gym I start off with doing intervals on the treadmill, then move on to some core work and leg work, and then end with some weights.

What's your favourite recovery food? 

What's your favourite song to work out to? 
"Believer" by Imagine Dragons
What's been your biggest sporting achievement to date? 
Most consistent award.

What advice would you give someone wanting to start out in your sport(s)? 
Give everything a go and train how you play.

What do aim to achieve in 2018? 
I want to develop my skills more and have the guts to go in for everything.