Things To Do: Never Permanent

Never Permanent (a Semi Permanent Spinoff) is a new event coming to Melbourne on August 24th, 2023. The event is a full-day program of keynote talks and panel discussions exploring the intersection of creativity and technology. The lineup of speakers includes some of the world's most exciting filmmakers, authors, artists, and musicians, including Roman Coppola, Ta-ku, Mindy Seu, Serwah Attafuah, Joshua To + Nicholas Kamuda, Angie Abdilla, Jesse Woolston, and Justin Ridler. Behind the event is the team that hosts the acclaimed design festival Semi Permanent, known for its high-quality talks, workshops, and exhibitions. For over 20 years Semi Permanent has been bringing together the creative industries from across the world, hosting events in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Los Angeles, New York, and London. The festival is a great place to learn from the world's best creative minds and to network with other creative professionals. Never Permanent promises to be a timely and thought

2022 The Year That Was Self-reflection Questions

2022 The Year That Was Self-reflection Questions

As the year comes to an end, I find it a good time to reflect on the things you have accomplished and learned about yourself. You can take stock of what has happened since last New Year's. Self-reflection is a helpful starting point for attaining self-acceptance and self-love, and is also a great way to reset yourself for the new year.

Questions can serve as excellent prompts for self-reflection. You might find them intriguing conversation starters too, depending on your social circle.

I recently asked the below three questions in my Instagram stories, and it was beautiful to read everyone's responses. Thank you to those who shared their insights with me. Here are my answers, along with my thoughts on why.

  1. What's your proudest achievement of 2022?
    Completing a Masters of Professional Accounting. It is more than just completing a masters, it is acknowledging that in doing so one must have discipline, dedication, be committed, have organisation skills and be able to prioritise.
  2. What excites you about the future?
    My future career. Now that I have a Masters of Professional Accounting and am an Associate CPA, I'm looking forward to what I may be able to achieve with my previous experience and qualifications in marketing, events management and fundraising.
  3. What can you do today that you didn't think was possible a year ago?
    Setting personal barriers. Now I'm not yet perfect at this, and it is still a work in progress. However, I am much more comfortable establishing and sitting with the personal barriers I put in place than I was a year ago.

I believe that self-reflection is an essential part of personal growth. Working through these questions will allow you to gain some insight and see how far you've come. This will set you up for success in the future.

Sit down in a cosy spot, put on some music, and consider what this year has taught you about yourself.

Be kind to yourself!