Recipe: Lemon Coffee Berry Yogurt Protein Bowl

Ready in 10 minutes A bowl full of delicious goodness to fuel you for the day ahead Ingredients: 1/2 diced I Am Grounded The 9am Lemon Coconut and Coffee Fruit Bar 125g Greek Yogurt 10g Protein Powder 10g Collagen Powder 20g Frozen Mixed Berries I Am Grounded have given me a discount code to share with you. Use 'Nicole10' for 10% off at on their website . Code is valid until 31 August 2022. Method: Place the frozen berries in a bowl to the side to let them defrost In a bowl mixed together the Greek Yogurt, Protein Powder and Collagen Powder. Cut a  I Am Grounded The 9am Lemon Coconut and Coffee Fruit Bar  in half, putting one half aside and dicing the other half into small cubes.  Top the Greek Yogurt, Protein Powder and Collagen Powder mixture with the Frozen Mixed Berries and diced up half of an  I Am Grounded The 9am Lemon Coconut and Coffee Fruit Bar . Enjoy! 

SurfAid #MAKEAWAVE Challenge Is Back For 2022

SurfAid #MAKEAWAVE Challenge Is Back For 2022

I am proud to announce I'll be on or in the water, or doing something water-related every day this September as an Ambassador for the 2022 SurfAid x Billabong Make A Wave challenge. One of the largest surf movements across the globe that positively impacts those less fortunate.

For 30 days straight, you will find me surfing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, doing surf-inspired workouts or something else surf related to make a wave of impact for SurfAid. My goal this year is to raise over $1000 to go towards SurfAid's Mother and Child program, which supports families in remote surf communities by providing access to basic healthcare, clean water, sanitation and food security.

Ways you can show your support:
  1. Sign up and take on the Make A Wave challenge yourself at
  2. Join my team Seas The Day at
  3. Make a tax-deductible donation towards my effort at
  4. Purchase from my online store, 50% from each sale goes towards my fundraising effort. Shop online at
  5. Tell other people about the challenge, the team, and my commitment to SurfAid's Make A Wave Challenge
By supporting SurfAid you give people in remote communities connected to us through surfing a hand up rather than a handout in the heartlands of surfing where few visitors go. SurfAid specialises in working in very isolated villages where the maternal and child mortality rates are some of the highest in the world.

With your support, we can give families the best chance of getting ahead by providing access to healthcare, clean water and sanitation and improved nutrition. Anything you can donate to support our efforts is greatly appreciated.

Together we can make a massive wave of positivity around the world.

You can check out what I got up to during the 2021 SurfAid Make A Wave Challenge at