Recipe: Lemon Coffee Berry Yogurt Protein Bowl

Ready in 10 minutes A bowl full of delicious goodness to fuel you for the day ahead Ingredients: 1/2 diced I Am Grounded The 9am Lemon Coconut and Coffee Fruit Bar 125g Greek Yogurt 10g Protein Powder 10g Collagen Powder 20g Frozen Mixed Berries I Am Grounded have given me a discount code to share with you. Use 'Nicole10' for 10% off at on their website . Code is valid until 31 August 2022. Method: Place the frozen berries in a bowl to the side to let them defrost In a bowl mixed together the Greek Yogurt, Protein Powder and Collagen Powder. Cut a  I Am Grounded The 9am Lemon Coconut and Coffee Fruit Bar  in half, putting one half aside and dicing the other half into small cubes.  Top the Greek Yogurt, Protein Powder and Collagen Powder mixture with the Frozen Mixed Berries and diced up half of an  I Am Grounded The 9am Lemon Coconut and Coffee Fruit Bar . Enjoy! 

Nine Ways An Influencer Can Make The Most Out Of An Event

Nicole Tattersall Nike

In Melbourne during the era of COVID many public relation (PR) events have been put on hold, cancelled, taken online, or just never happened. As an influencer (a term I personally grimace at) I've been to a variety of events over the past decade and have seen all sorts of things. One thing I love about these events is that it is great for people watching because there is always someone that makes you raise an eyebrow, or someone that forgets that it is about the company or companies that have put together the event, not about their ego. Which now that I'm back attending PR events I've come to notice even more. 

If you're just starting out or maybe you are wanting to know how to maximise your attendance at a PR event below are a few tips from my experiences: 
  • Handles and hashtags: Ask prior to the event if there are any particular handles or hashtags the organiser would like used. I save these as a note on my phone for easy access.
  • Messaging: Just like handles and hashtags, ask if there is any particular messaging or things they would like highlighted in the content. 
  • Photography and video content: Should there is a professional photographer or videographer ask for copies of the photos and videos so you can reuse them in your content. You can also do the same, send them a link to a folder or images and content you took at the event that they might wish to use so long as they credit you. 
  • Be gracious: If you're given a gift, gift bag, or something to take home, whether you like it or not, say thank you and take it with you. This also applies if you create something as part of the event, leaving it behind is just rude. However if you're headed off to another event straight after, maybe see if you can arrange a time to pick it up or have it delivered. This also crosses into transparency, if you are telling you fans it's the place to be and thing to do then you should show this. 
  • Say thank you: After the event send a thank you message, you may also like to add links to the content you've published or mention content coming up. I also use this opportunity to ask if there is anything they've coming up or if there is anything else they would like promoted. 
  • There are others in the room: The event is not about you, it is about the company or companies hosting the event, so talking to camera while the MC is welcoming everyone is not ideal. Read the room and pick your timing if this is the kind of content you like to create. 
  • Be on time: Avoid being late, especially if you know there are activities being planned. If you are running late contact the organiser to let them know so they can make any necessary arrangements.
  • Be nice: I cannot believe I'm saying this, as I thought it would be a given, people talk, and if you're a jerk they are less likely to say nice things. I regularly get asked by companies for recommendations for other influencers to work with. Be nice and supportive of the content creation of others, this will help get you noticed for the right reasons. 
  • Transparency: Keep in mind you are there as a guest and are expected to say nice things, but don't fake it. If you absolutely hate the coffee don't say it is the best coffee you've ever had, find something positive about the venue to focus on instead. I was once asked by someone while I was painting a mural if they could hold a spray can and pretend to be painting the mural, my answer was a very firm "no".