Recipe: Polenta-Crusted Fried Chicken With A Kick

Ready in 30 minutes Serves 2 Polenta crusted fried chicken with a little smoky spicey kick. Ingredients: 2 chicken breasts ¼ cup polenta salt and pepper to taste 1 tablespoon of a smoky seasoning blend, I used Mt Elephant Seriously Smokin' ¼ grated parmesan ¼ cup of almond meal ¼ cup plain flour 1 egg 1 tablespoon of water ¼ cup olive oil Method: Cut the chicken breasts into smaller pieces. In a bowl combine the flour and almond meal.  In a second bowl beat the egg with the water.  In a third bowl combine the polenta, salt, pepper, seasoning and parmesan.  Pick up a chicken piece cover it with the flour mixture, dip it in the egg mixture to coat it, then roll it around in the polenta mixture, and set aside. Repeat until all the chicken pieces are done. Add the olive oil to a heavy saucepan (you may need extra to top up.  Once the oil is hot using tongs place several chicken pieces in the saucepan, fry each side for 2 minutes and then set aside. Do this until all pieces a fried.  Ti

SurfAid #MakeAWave Day 28 Update

Surf Aid Make A Wave Make An Impact

I am proud to be an Ambassador for the SurfAid's #MakeAWave challenge. I had set out to be either surfing, kayaking, canoeing or swimming for 30 days in September however I'm based in Melbourne and the COVID restrictions have impacted my plans. For the first 7 days of the 30 day challenge I was either kayaking, training with waterfilled training equipment, getting creative or doing surf inspired workouts. Week 2 saw me take my first lay day, kayaking, weight training and I even took out an old wave rider. During week 3 I was kayaking, creating artworks, took a few more lay days and did some at home training. Over the past week (days 22 - 28) I've been kayaking, training at home and made a few donations to make up for my lay days.
So far I've raised $336 towards my goal of raising over $1000 to help SurfAid deliver their programs. When you support my fundraising you give people in remote communities connected to us through surfing a hand up, rather than a handout.

SurfAid's geographical focus is on the heartlands of surfing where few visitors but surfers go, make their work unique. They specialise in working in very isolated villages where the maternal and child mortality rates are some of the highest in the world.

The running total of my effort so far are:
  • Kayaking: 16 days
  • At home training: 7 days
  • Lay day: 2 (made 2 x $10 donations)
  • Artwork: 3 days

Day 22:
  • Made up of the lay day taken on Day 13 with a 30min cardio workout
  • 8.1 km total kayaking in a K1 for 53 minutes

Day 23:
  • 6.6 km total kayaking in a K1 for 51 minutes

Day 24:
  • 9 km total kayaking in a K1 for 63minutes

Day 25:
  • Did a 60min home workout working on core and shoulder strength

Day 26:
  • 12.3 km total kayaking in a K1 for 98 minutes

Day 27:
  • Made up of the lay days taken on Days 19 and 20 with making a $10 donation for each day
  • Did a 60min home workout working on core and shoulder strength

Day 28:
  • 8.90 km total kayaking in a K1 for 69 minutes

Also to help your dollar go further Dollar Match Day starts 29th of September at 8am AEST and will last for 24 hours, or until the matching runs out! When you donate to my Make A Wave effort, not only do you go into the running to WIN an exclusive surf charter in the Mentawai islands with Perfect Wave Travel, but your donation will also be matched. Talk about a win-win.

Surf Aid Make A Wave

SurfAid Make A Wave