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March 2024 is filled with exciting events and holidays that can provide great content opportunities for your social media channels. Whether you're a business, blogger, or just looking to add some fun to your personal accounts, these key days will give you plenty of inspiration for your content. Friday 1st March Zero Discrimination Day #ZeroDiscriminationDay Saturday 2nd March Shoutout Saturday #ShoutoutSaturday Sunday 3rd March World Wildlife Day #WorldWildlifeDay Monday 4th March Motivation Monday #MotivationMonday Tuesday 5th March Trivia Tuesday #TriviaTuesday Wednesday 6th March Workout Wednesday #WorkoutWednesday Thursday 7th March Top Tip Thursday #TopTipThursday Friday 8th March International Women's Day #IWD2024 Saturday 9th March Shoutout Saturday #ShoutoutSaturday Sunday 10th March Blog Share Sunday #BlogShareSunday Monday 11th March Music Monday #MusicMonday Tuesday 12th March Trivia Tuesday #TriviaTuesday Wednesday 13th March Wellness Wednesday #WellnessWednesday T

GoodnessMe May 2021 Review - Gut Lovin'

GoodnessMe May 2021 Review Gut Lovin

I'm so excited to share that I have received my first ever GoodnessMe Health Box! I previously worked with someone who was a subscriber; I was always intrigued each month by the assortment of delicious and nutritious products that they would receive.

GoodnessMe aims to bring you the best of the best when it comes to wholefood savoury snacks, sweet treats, ready-made meals and everything in between. Who wouldn't want to receive a box full of snacks and pantry items each month? Plus, the thought of receiving a box of tasty and healthy goodies every month without needing to navigate all the options in the supermarket sounds divine to me.

This month their focus is on Gut Health! In my May GoodnessMe Health Box there was over $50 worth of delicious and healthy snacks and pantry items, all of which are endorsed by their picky health practitioners.

⁠⁠The Gut Lovin box filled with gut-friendly pantry staples is the perfect start to a happy gut! They have also thrown in a gut health guide complete with some tried-and-tested tips and recipes to help you get your head around it all. ⁠⁠

What was in my GoodnessMe Box:
  • VGOOD - Chickpea Twists Sea Salt
    A interesting snack, not sure I would purchase as I much prefer the flavoured roasted chickpeas over this chickpea snack option
  • MUNCHME - Skinny Dipped Almonds Cocoa Dusted Dark Chocolate
    These are so tasty, I enjoyed them with a few of my afternoon coffees
  • MOJO BEVERAGES - Kombucha Soda Berry Bliss
  • BOTANIKA BLENDS - Vegan Protein Bar - Apple Pie
    Hands down the best Apple Pie flavoured protein bar I have ever consumed, I would consider buying these in the future
  • SEEDLIP - Garden 108
  • MORLIFE - Complete Gut Restore
  • HART & SOUL - Sweet Potato and Ginger Soup
  • MT ELEPHANT - Hemp Seeds
    Perfect for adding a little extra fibre and omega-3 to your diet, simply sprinkle over a salad, muesli, pasta dish, curry or add to a smoothie
  • BIOGENESIS - Natural Chlorella Powder
  • BRAGG - Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Ginger Spice
    This tastes way better than I expected, it is rather refreshing. ACV is can also help with digestive issues
  • WHITE WOLF NUTRITION - Vegan Superfood Protein Blend
  • 14-Day Gut Health Challenge & Handbook

Interested in subscribing to GoodnessMe:

Although they like to keep each box a surprise, what I can tell you is that every month, you'll get to enjoy up to 10 delicious health food products—all of which are entirely natural with no added nasties, GMO-free and curated in accordance to your dietary requirements (none, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and dairy and gluten-free).

Whether you want to take the thinking out of snack buying or try something new, the GoodnessMe Health Box is worth checking out. Even if it's just for 1 month.

You can subscribe for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months!

Use the code NIC10 for 10% off at

This is a sponsored post. I received either product and/or payment in exchange for this post.