Earn Money by Sharing Your Experiences: How Streetbees Can Help You Make Extra Cash

Have you heard of the app Streetbees? It's a platform that helps businesses gather valuable insights into consumer behaviour and preferences. But did you know that you can also make extra cash by using the app? By completing "stories" on Streetbees, you can earn cash rewards for providing valuable data to companies. The stories can be anything from taking surveys, sharing photos of products at a store, or even just your thoughts on a specific topic. It's a super easy and convenient way to make some extra money. Plus, you get to directly impact the products and services you use. I know what you might be thinking, "But wait, I have to put in work for the money?" And yes, that is true. But think about it this way, you're already sharing your opinions and thoughts on various things daily, so why not get paid for it? The stories are usually short, so they won't take up too much of your time. I've been using Streetbees for a while now and have earned a

An Easy Way To Make Your Car Carbon Neutral

Car Carbon Neutral

In the past two years, my awareness of my impact on the environment went up a few notches. As part of this, I've become more and more aware of the amount of driving I was doing, going to training, attending kayak and canoe races, going surfing and even heading away from home for a weekend away. I love being out and about in nature, but at what cost to the environment? 

My car uses, on average, 7liters of petrol per 100km which equates to 167.44 g CO2/km. In 2017, the average combined CO2 emissions for a new light vehicle sold in Australia was 182 grams per kilometre (source: www.greenvehicleguide.gov.au), I'm under the average, but I knew I could do better. 

When I heard about Go Neutral, I was very interested; their program was a solution that matched my lifestyle. I was looking for something that was easy to calculate, easy to obtain and that I knew was making a real difference. They have removed every major point of friction from the process. There is no calculator (unless you want one), no questionnaire, and no choosing offset types. They are also very clear and transparent on the projects that they are funding. 


From an average $90 sticker, between 71 and 84 per cent of your purchase amount is spent on the retirement of carbon credits and GST. When you Go Neutral, your money goes toward carbon offsets that balance your emissions for an entire year. They use offsets for high-quality projects that don't just reduce emissions but build a better Australia, choosing projects that support their vision for a healthier, more sustainable Australia that helps the world fight climate change.

"With Go Neutral, I have tried to find novel solutions to what I see as the main problems with selling carbon offsets to "ordinary people." Time will tell whether this new approach will make a difference, but for now, I can say that it was compelling enough an idea to take seriously and bring into the world." - Casey, the founder of Go Neutral, is an Australian technologist. He is based in Sydney with his family, where he enjoys being a dad and husband and riding his bike.

Please check out Go Neutral for yourself – and if you have a car, scooter or motorbike, consider to go neutral today.

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