#IamRemarkable Workshops in March

I am excited to invite you to attend an  #IamRemarkable workshop that I'll be facilitating  throughout March. The workshops will have a special focus on celebrating International Women’s Day, with this year’s theme #ChooseToChallenge.  #IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to speak openly about their accomplishments in the workplace and beyond, thereby breaking modesty norms and glass ceilings. In this interactive session, you will participate in group discussions and exercises to develop the confidence and skills to promote yourself effectively. During the 90 min #IamRemarkable workshop we will: Share data and research regarding self promotion and unconscious bias Go through the main exercise to help you articulate your achievements and practice self promotion Have a discussion and share take home exercises This workshop will leave you feeling motivated and confident to self-promote your achievements and refresh the conversation around

Instagram Story Ideas For January

Are you looking for an Instagram challenge? Maybe you're looking for some inspiration on what to share in your Instagram stories? Here is a month full of hashtag story inspiration for each day of January. You can pick and choose what you would like to do, or maybe you're up for the challenge in doing the full month. It is 100% up to you.

If you do take part, be sure to tag me @nictatt in your story so I can share your post in my Instagram stories too!

Friday 1 January: #NewYearsDay

Saturday 2 January: #ShoutoutSaturday

Sunday 3 January: #SelfcareSunday

Monday 4 January: #WorldBrailleDay

Tuesday 5 January: #ThankfulTuesday

Wednesday 6 January: #WorkoutWednesday

Thursday 7 January: #TopTipThursday

Friday 8 January: #BubbleBathDay

Saturday 9 January: #ShoutoutSaturday

Sunday 10 January: #ShopLocalSunday

Monday 11 January: #MusicMonday

Tuesday 12 January: #ThankfulTuesday

Wednesday 13 January: #WiseWordsWednesday

Thursday 14 January: #TopTipThursday

Friday 15 January: #FunFriday

Saturday 16 January: #ShoutoutSaturday

Sunday 17 January: #SelfCareSunday

Monday 18 January: #MusicMonday

Tuesday 19 January: #ThankfulTuesday

Wednesday 20 January: #WorkoutWednesday

Thursday 21 January: #TopTipThursday

Friday 22 January: #FoodFriday 

Saturday January: #ShoutoutSaturday

Sunday 24 January: #ShopLocalSunday

Monday 25 January: #MusicMonday

Tuesday 26 January: #ThankfulTuesday

Wednesday 27 January: #WiseWordsWednesday

Thursday 28 January: #DataPrivacyDay

Friday 29 January: #FunFriday

Saturday 30 January: #ShoutoutSaturday

Sunday 31 January: #InternationalZebraDay