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December 2020 Bellabox Review

December 2020 Bellabox Review

My December Bellabox came full of products perfect for the holiday season and for creating a natural look this summer. I received a wonderful assortment of goodies in my Bellabox this month, with a selection of full-sized and sample-sized skincare and beauty products. This month, I was excited to receive the Ultra3 Wake Me Up Eye Mask, and Forty Fathoms Skin Regenerator Cream!

Here are all the beautiful products that I received in my Bellabox this month:


STYLondon Quad Palette, full-size 9.6g

Bellabox collaborated with STYLondon to create the All In One Face Palette. With a glow-giving matte bronzer, perfectly pink blush, shimmering highlighter, and banana powder to mattify oil, eliminate redness, and brighten the under-eye area. It is the perfect all-in-one palette to have in your makeup bag this holiday season.

Ultra3 Wake Me Up Eye Mask, full-size, RRP $5.95

Perfect for the holiday season! I love a good eye mask that helps you look instantly rested. The Wake Me Up Hydrogel Eye Mask is enriched with brightening and hydrating ingredients such as Cucumber Extract and Caffeine. It's designed to cool and de-puff the skin while providing moisture to your under-eye area for a bright and lifted appearance.

Guess Bella Vita Eau De Parfum, sample size 2ml, RRP $69.00 for 100ml

Guess Bella Vita celebrates the allure in the personality of the Guess woman. This fruity-floral fragrance opens with playful and vibrant notes of zesty Italian lemon, juicy cassis and luscious black cherries. 

Reef Coconut Sun Tan Oil, sample size 30ml, RRP $11.49 for 125ml

Reef Coconut Sun Tan Oil SPF30 is deliciously nourishing and super hydrating as it contains a bunch of key vitamins and nutrients for your skin. It also delivers broad-spectrum protection from harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. The fast-drying oil formulation glides on and leaves skin feeling moisturised, soft and hydrated. Best of all, it is scented with Reef's signature coconut fragrance - think the smell of summer, in a bottle!

Forty Fathoms Skin Regenerator Cream, full-size 50ml, RRP $62.95

The key ingredients are sourced from wild, hand-harvested Fucus vesiculosus a seaweed that grows in the world's purest and cleanest ocean waters. Fucoidan helps to regenerate damaged cells, and polyphenol is a type of natural sunscreen and environmental protector. Polyphenols have magnificent antioxidant properties to help prevent damage caused by sunlight and other environmental stresses. This cream is rich, balmy and softens to the skin like butter. It smells fantastic and is like a pot of moisturising gold, I put it on every night after cleansing, and my skin feels super soft in the morning. To use warm a small amount of the cream between fingertips. Then pat on to clean dry skin. This review on Vogue of the Forty Fathoms Skin Regenerator is worth a read too.


  • Naked Wines gift voucher

In 5 words I would describe this month's Bellabox as "pretty perfect for the holidays". I can't wait to see what beauty products will be inside my Bellabox in the new year!

For those who aren't familiar with Bellabox, it is a monthly themed subscription beauty box. Each month you can expect to receive 1-2 hero products which are generally full-sized, 3-4 beauty products which will often vary from subscriber to subscriber. There's typically a bonus product which tends to be a sachet sample. I have found that in each box I receive that there is an excellent mix of on-trend, new and classic health and beauty items. On numerous occasions, I have purchased products after trying them through Bellabox because I loved them so much. If you want to treat yourself to a wrapped surprise every month, Bellabox is undoubtedly something I would recommend. 

Bellabox - RRP: $19.95 (includes Postage) on a subscription plan, billed monthly, but you can cancel anytime. 

Visit the Bellabox Blog for further information about the contents of this month's Bellabox, and to see what other products were sent out this month. 

This is a sponsored post. I received either product and/or payment in exchange for this post.