Things To Do: Never Permanent

Never Permanent (a Semi Permanent Spinoff) is a new event coming to Melbourne on August 24th, 2023. The event is a full-day program of keynote talks and panel discussions exploring the intersection of creativity and technology. The lineup of speakers includes some of the world's most exciting filmmakers, authors, artists, and musicians, including Roman Coppola, Ta-ku, Mindy Seu, Serwah Attafuah, Joshua To + Nicholas Kamuda, Angie Abdilla, Jesse Woolston, and Justin Ridler. Behind the event is the team that hosts the acclaimed design festival Semi Permanent, known for its high-quality talks, workshops, and exhibitions. For over 20 years Semi Permanent has been bringing together the creative industries from across the world, hosting events in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Los Angeles, New York, and London. The festival is a great place to learn from the world's best creative minds and to network with other creative professionals. Never Permanent promises to be a timely and thought

Instagram Story Ideas For November

Instagram Story Ideas For November

Are you looking for an Instagram challenge? Maybe you're looking for some inspiration on what to share in your Instagram stories? Here is a month full of hashtag story inspiration for each day of November. You can pick and choose what you would like to do, or maybe you're up for the challenge in doing the full month. It is 100% up to you.

If you do take part, be sure to tag me @nictatt in your story so I can share your post in my Instagram stories too!

Sunday 1 November: #SelfcareSunday

Monday 2 November: #MusicMonday

Tuesday 3 November: #WorldSandwichDay

Wednesday 4 November: #WiseWordsWednesday

Thursday 5 November: #TopTipThursday

Friday 6 November: #FunSockFriday

Saturday 7 November: #ShoutoutSaturday

Sunday 8 November: #SelfcareSunday

Monday 9 November: #MusicMonday

Tuesday 10 November: #ThankfulTuesday

Wednesday 11 November: #WorkoutWednesday

Thursday 12 November: #TopTipThursday

Friday 13 November: #FunSockFriday

Saturday 14 November: #SweatSaturday

Sunday 15 November: #ShopLocalSunday

Monday 16 November: #MusicMonday

Tuesday 17 November: #ThankfulTuesday

Wednesday 18 November: #WiseWordsWednesday

Thursday 19 November: #TopTipThursday

Friday 20 November: #FunSockFriday

Saturday 21 November: #ShoutoutSaturday

Sunday 22 November: #SelfcareSunday

Monday 23 November: #MusicMonday

Tuesday 24 November: #ThankfulTuesday

Wednesday 25 November: #WorkoutWednesday

Thursday 26 November: #TopTipThursday

Friday 27 November: #FunSockFriday

Saturday 28 November: #SmallBusinessSaturday

Sunday 29 November: #SmileSunday

Monday 30 November: #MusicMonday