Massive Murray Paddle: Update 3 - Less Than 70 Days To Go

Nicole Tattersall Kayaking on the Murray River Victoria / New South Wales
2018 Ben Ward - Nicole Tattersall - Photographer: Tony Bond

It recently dawned on me that there's less than 70 day to go until the start of the 2019 Massive Murray Paddle and although I'm somewhat not as prepared as I would like to be at this stage I'm feeling rather comfortable with how things are tracking.

I've decided to complete the 404km 5 day course in a Canoe Innovations Rebel 46 (pictured above). This is a stable K1 classed kayak. The reason for my selection of this type of kayak is that they perform well in rough choppy conditions and there is plenty of space in the cockpit area - perfect for stashing mid race snacks. The Rebel 46 weighs in at around 10-12 kg depending on the build of the kayak.

My training is currently consisting of 2 on the water kayaking sessions (aiming for around 20km a session) and 4 gym sessions a week. My gym sessions are a mix of cardio and strength training. I'm also trying to do active recovery through stretching, yoga, walking, massage and by jumping in the sauna/steam room at the gym for 20min.


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