Inktober 2021

Claire Wee has inspired me to take on #Inktober this year.  I'll be following the illustration suggestions by @FurryLittlePeach .  My approach to this is that I'll be using a Hp Tilt Pen on my touch screen Hp Spectre to create black line illustrations. These illustrations are made available on in a Google Drive file so that others can download use them as colouring in sheets or add their own creative touches, making it a collaborative experience. 

Summer Young Female Athlete Season Pack - Nominations Are Open

Nominations are now open for this season's Young Female Athlete Season Pack!

Do you know a young female athlete or someone who is incredibly active who is deserving of receiving a selection of products from some amazing beauty brands, an interview on my blog and a post all about how awesome they are on my Instagram account? Nominate a deserving young lady for the Young Female Athlete Season Pack by send an email to me at sharing how they show passion, dedication and sportsmanship.

In this season's pack there is a great selection of products from some fantastic beauty brands including but not limited to a face mask, an eye mask from the cult brand Blaq, hand cream, coconut oil soap and more! 

Here are some really important details:
• Nominations close 28/02/19
• Athletes must live in Australia
• Open to female athletes or those who are active aged 14 - 22 years old (if under 18 parents must be asked)⠀
• Please include with your nomination links to any relevant public social media accounts
• Email your nomination to