More Bang For My Buck With Spaceship Voyager

Spaceship Voyager App Investing Review
Several months ago I started to take my finances a little more seriously. I was interested in options that allowed me to squirrel away my spare change virtually in a diversified portfolio. As well as having the ability to set up regular investments or make lump sum investments. Spaceship appealed to me at the time as I could start by investing less than $50.

I've been using Spaceship Voyager since July 2018. It is a simple to use mobile app that lets you invest in what is essentially a managed fund of specific shares. Spaceship has a mantra to invest ‘where the world is going’, which sees them select shares in major companies all over the world like Amazon, Google, and Facebook and more.
They allow you to invest small sums of money, as frequently as you like, into their managed fund that then spreads the money across the portfolio of shares they believe are changing the world. This all is from within the mobile app.

How I use Spaceship Voyager:
Now a month or so on I use Spaceship 3 ways:
  • I have a recurring invest, which is similar to setting up a set amount to go into a savings account. I have a set amount each week going to the account and I hardly miss it.
  • I have made the odd one-off investments when I've had a bit of spare money.
  • At least once a week I flick through the News feed to read what is going on the world of big business.

So what happens with the money you invest?
Spaceship has two portfolio investment options for you to choose from: an index fund called the Spaceship Index Portfolio and a managed share fund called the Spaceship Universe Portfolio.
Both the Spaceship Index Portfolio and the Spaceship Universe Portfolio invest directly in the companies that make up each fund rather than investing via exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Other features:
  • No minimum initial investment amount. You can create an account with as little as $5 making the initial setup super easy.
  • You can set up recurring investments to be debited from your account on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.
  • Curated news and insights on the companies you invest in.
  • No entry or exit fees. Spaceship do not charge you to add money or withdraw money. This means you can contribute or withdraw money at any time, without any fees.
  • You essentially own units of the fund portfolio. On any given day, the price per unit can vary based on the overall value of the portfolio. Each time you add money, you acquire units in the fund. This is the usual managed fund method of investing and makes it easy to track your current portfolio value at any time.

Now for the business end of the App, the fees, because there is no such thing as free money.

Spaceship Index Portfolio
Free for first $5,000
0.05% per year on the balance over $5,000
No entry or exit fees
Contribute or withdraw as and when you like

Spaceship Universe Portfolio
Free for first $5,000
0.10% per year on the balance over $5,000
No entry or exit fees
Contribute or withdraw as and when you like.

  • In the few months I have been using Spaceship I have found it really easy to use and have made some returns.
  • I like that if I need to I can withdraw the money at any time without penalties, which makes investing large amounts I might need in the future easy to do. 
  • There are no limits to the number of withdrawals and deposits you can make, and no fees for making them.
  • I do like that it's accessible for all as there is no minimum balance required. Some managed funds elsewhere you need a minimum amount of $5,000 or more.
  • The no-fee structure for investments under $5,000 is appealing for those starting out.

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