Instagram Story Ideas For April

Are you looking for an Instagram challenge? Maybe you are looking for some inspiration on what to share in your Instagram stories? Here is a month full of hashtag story inspiration for each day of April. You can pick and choose what you would like to do, or maybe you are up for the challenge in doing the full month. It is 100% up to you. If you do take part, be sure to tag me  @nictatt  in your story so I can share your post in my Instagram stories too! Thursday 1st April #ThrowbackThursday Friday 2nd April #ChildrensBookDay Saturday 3rd April #ShoutoutSaturday Sunday 4th April #EasterSunday Monday 5th April #MondayMotivation Tuesday 6th April #TriviaTuesday Wednesday 7th April #WiseWordsWednesday Thursday 8th April #PygmyHippoDay Friday 9th April #UnicornDay Saturday 10th April #InternationalSafetyPinDay Sunday 11th April #BlogShareSunday Monday 12th April #LicoriceDay Tuesday 13th April #ThankfulTuesday Wednesday 14th April #DolphinDay Thursday 15th April #TopTipThursday Friday 16th

Athlete Feature: Gabby Newton

Gabby Newton is one to watch. I've personally had the pleasure of watching this young lady play basketball for a season. Both on and off the court she is a great example of all the things a young athlete should embody. I will not be surprised if we see her in the AFLW or WNBL in the coming years. 

Gabby was nominated for the Young Female Athlete Season Pack for Spring 2017 and I'm excited to share with you a quick little Q&A I did with this talented and friendly young athlete.  

What do you do to be active? 
To be active I play both basketball and football and I also do strength and conditioning to keep my fitness up. 

What does a regular training day look like for you? 
A regular training day (oh god) it can either be just one training in the morning for basketball then some strength and conditioning in the afternoon or a couple hours training for football then 1-3 hours of training for basketball.

What's your favourite recovery food? 
My favourite recovery food is definitely a Chobani yoghurt.

What's your favourite song to work out to? 
"Believer" by Imagine Dragons.

What's been your biggest sporting achievement to date? 
My biggest sporting achievement to date is winning a gold medal at Nationals in both basketball and football.

What advice would you give someone wanting to start out in your sport(s)? 
My advice to someone wanting to start out in basketball and football is to just give it a go and find/make new friends, being apart of a team is a different feeling then any individual sport, no matter what level you play at you feel part of a family which can be an amazing part of anyone’s life.

What do aim to achieve in 2018? 
In 2018 I hope to take every opportunity I can in both sports, for basketball and football there are state teams that I definitely hope to make this year. I also hope my rep/club teams can go into finals and do our best in the upcoming seasons.