Surfing x Skiing With Art

I'm proud to have stenciled four reclaimed surfboard fins that are currently being auctioned off to support sit-skier Mark Soyer represent Australia this winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

After a surfing incident in 2014 that caused damage to my surfboard and the fins, I painted the damaged fins and auctioned them off raising funds to pay for the repairs, with additional funds going towards to Fin Free Melbourne. Since then, Scott Peberdy at Outereef Surfboards in San Remo has been collecting used fins for me to paint.

My latest series of painted surfboard fins, featuring a sea turtle, tiger shark, orca, and a dolphin, are being auctioned off to support sit-skiier Mark Soyer represent Australia this winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

Mark was an avid skier prior to a motorbike accident in 2004, he is still far better than most able-bodied skiers. A competitive athlete before his accident, he quickly mastered the art of sit-skiing, or mono-skiing, during his rehabilitation. He found that when you're skiing it doesn't make a difference if you have a disability or not, the rush is still the same. Since the very first day of being in a sit ski he has gone from strength to strength with being awarded the Steven J. Ricci Award at Winter Park for exemplify team leadership and sportsmanship, hiking and skiing the Highlands Bowl in Aspen, and racing at the 2015 IPC Alpine Skiing World Championships in Panorama, Canada, are just some of his many achievements. Mark’s passion for the outdoors doesn’t just stop with his own personal achievements, eager to give others that taste of physical freedom, Mark is a volunteer with Disabled WinterSport Australia, assisting people with various physical or mental disabilities learn how to find their own freedom on the snow.

Mark has recently flown over to the US, where he will be based in Colorado as he trains and competes. It is expected that he will be there for 3 months representing Australia in Slalom, GS, Super G, Downhill and Super-Combined with races in Colorado and Utah. The most important race for him being the World Cup Finals in late February, early March in Aspen.

All profits from the sale of the surfboard fins will be donated towards Mark’s time in the US as he represents Australia. If you're interested on placing a bid on the fins you’ve until the 7th of December, to bid visit my eBay account.