Trying Something New At The Powerhouse

Nicole Tattersall Powerhouse Geelong
Nicole Tattersall Powerhouse Geelong
Yesterday, on my way down to Torquay to check out the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach, go for a surf, and catch up with a good friend, I stopped by the Powerhouse in Geelong. I was prepared to paint, though not in my usual style or with my usual techniques. It was about seeing what was I'm capable of with just a few cans of spraypaint and not much else.

I could go on to say what I think of it, but I weren't, and I could ask for what you think, but I weren't. What I will say is that it was nice to push myself to do something different, even though the style is a old style, it's a way of painting I've only done every now and then and I'm certainly keen to do more, and see what's possible.

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